Edit Subdomain Name

To edit subdomain name: Dashboard > Domain

Click Edit Icon (Pencil)
Change subdomain name
Click Save icon (Tick)

Add Domain Name - Part 1

To add a domain name: Dashboard > Domain > CONNECT DOMAIN > CONNECT EXISTING DOMAIN

Enter domain name

Add Domain Name - Part 2

Login to your domain registrar (the site you purchased your domain)
Edit Zone Record (DNS) > Add A Record

Add OR Modify First A Record:

Host: @
Points To:

You may need to delete any existing CNAME with www Host first.

Then Add 2nd A Record:

Host: www
Points To:

Add Domain Name - Part 3

Head to: Dashboard > Domain > Check DNS Records

Confirm Status for both @ and www are 'Connected'

Add Domain Name - Part 4

Head to: Dashboard > Domain > Check Settings

SSL will automatically be activated within 24 hours.

You can decide whether the domain will be www or non-www by switching off or on the www option.